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Rennes, France. JUNE 8‐9, 2017




Organized by:

  • CREM (UMR CNRS 6211) and the Faculty of Economics, University of Rennes 1, and
  • The French Association of Experimental Economics (AFSEE)


The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers to present results of laboratory experiments and field experiments. It will cover all topics regarding behavioral and experimental economics as decision theory, game theory, institutions and markets, neuro‐economics, economic psychology, among others. Theoretical papers explicitly dealing with experimental/behavioral issues are also welcome.

The distinguished keynote speakers for the 2017 Conference are :

Amnon_1.pngProfessor Amnon Rapoport
(University of California, Riverside and University of Arizona)



and Professor Lisa Rutström
(Örebro University and Center for Economic Analysis of Risk, Georgia State University)

The 2016 Conference in ESSEC, Cergy Pontoise, Paris attracted about 120 scholars from many countries.

The Conference will take place at the Faculty of Economics, Rennes, Brittany region, France. The Faculty is located in the core center of the city of Rennes, directly connected to train station by a metro station close to it. Lunches will be provided at the Faculty. A special event – Dinner at the Chateau d’Apigné – is scheduled for the Thursday evening.

Two special Prizes will be awarded in Rennes: The Prize for the best paper presented by a young economist, granted to a conference speaker aged no more than 33 years old. The winner will be offered the possibility to publish his paper in Theory and Decision. The second prize, created in Rennes, will be the best experimental project poster for a PHd student, consisting in a monetary prize + Computer and logistic assistance for implementing the experiment.






Post June 1st, 2017 :

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