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Obfuscation and Trust: Experimental Evidence on Insurance Demand with Multiple Distribution Channels
Jean-Louis Rulliere  1@  , Stéphane Loisel  2@  , Claire Mouminoux  3@  
1 : Sciences Actuarialle et Financière  (ISFA SAF)
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
50 Avenue Tony Garnier 69366 Lyon Cedex 07 -  France
2 : Sciences Actuarielle et Financière  (ISFA SAF)
50 avenue Tony Garnier 69366 Lyon Cedex 07 -  France
3 : Sciences Actuarialle et Financière  (ISFA SAF)
50 avenue Tony Garnier 69366 Cedex 07 -  France

This paper aims at shedding light on the dilemma of the insurance consumer: should she is self-confident facing an important set of insurance policies or rather trust an intermediary who assists her decision making, according to different decision designs based on different distribution channels with different information frames. The results show that trust level is the main determinant of distribution channel choices while the obfuscation of information is a main inefficiency source of the decision making particularly determinant on the insurance characteristics of contracts chosen by consumers.

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